About Us

In 1993, we entered into two giant sectors with safe steps with shower cabin and gasket manufacturing in Istanbul Imes Industrial Site. We continued to grow by incorporating solution-oriented products with the principle of quality and trouble-free service. As your solution partner with a quality, honest, after-sales support, we have certified our quality product understanding with ISO 9001 certificate.


Aware of the responsibility brought by our experience of more than 25 years, we have added MAK MAKINA products to our sectors with our innovative products developed in our R & D center, besides the basic products of our sectors.


In 2008, we gathered two different sectors under one roof in our factory in Istanbul Ferhatpaşa, and as MAK MAKİNA, we continue to grow by adding to our mass-produced latest technology machines new ones every day, and increasing our capacity.


Our shower enclosure products are carefully designed for maximum performance with high heat resistance. Mass production starts after performance tests. We constantly increase the performance of our products for the constantly renewed bathroom architecture in the wet area sector which we operate in, but we also attach importance to the elegance of design as much as the performance of our products to ensure that their appearance matches the elegance of the bathrooms.


In the gasket sector, we continue to expand our product range, and your satisfaction, by adding to our products our innovative modern gaskets, which are developed according to the sector needs and your demands.


As our main goals, we continue to work to be your solution partner by meeting all the needs of the sectors we are in, and producing solutions to all the problems encountered.


As we provide services in eighty-one provinces in seven regions, we are proud of our contribution to the economy of our country with the products we export to fifteen countries.


As MAK MAKINA, we will continue to serve with the aim of being the best in our sector by developing quality products with the importance and care we attach to production development (P&D) and research and development (R&D).