Innovative and 100% domestic manufacturing

As MAK MAKİNA, we start to develop a new product with our research and development center (R & D) following the sectoral developments and determining the needs. The right product is obtained as a result of the continuous development of prototypes made in-house. Production development (UR-GE) puts the approved new product into mass production in accordance with our production line.

We work and produce to meet all your demands with our product range of more than 1000 varieties the whole production of which is made by us, and with new products that we add continuously to our existing ones.

Fast and Secure Shipping

As a company working and producing non-stop, we enter our products coming from our production line into our warehouse stocks after counting. Thanks to our stock tracking system, we provide the most accurate deadline and problem-free shipment to meet your demands.

In line with your loaded and urgent orders, our production planning team operates our production lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if necessary, in order to deliver your products to you fully and safely on the deadline we give to you.

Strong and Reliable After-Sales Support

After the sale of our products that we have shipped, as MAK MAKINA, we continue to provide support for your problems and questions that may arise. Special attention to the demands after sales is very important for the development and progress of our company, and your satisfaction is our main goal.

With 26 years of experience and our understanding of professional service, as MAK MAKINA, we are always working to provide quality service.


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